Join Australia's Homemade Flour Revolution

Australian Retsel Distributors invites you to join us in making healthy, all-natural bread from the comfort of your home. Based in Warburton, VIC, our company produces exceptional milling products you can use at home, even if you’re new to flour and grain milling. We will walk you through the process and ensure you’re ready for a bright future of delicious and nutritious food for your family.

Proven Milling Success

After demonstrating the efficiency of our products and the health advantages to all those in attendance at a Victorian agricultural fair, our domestic milling equipment gained credibility in kitchens across the state. You too can reap the benefits of highly nutritious and vitamin-rich bread by using our products.

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A Noticeable Difference

The difference between commercial flour and fresh flour is important. A commercial miller can make a wide variety of flours from the same wheat, and most commercial whole wheat bread contains substantial amounts of white flour.

True whole wheat grain flour is darker, coarser and stronger in flavour than white flour. Because the bran and germ are present, whole grain flour has a limited shelf life and goes off if stored at room temperature for longer than 72 hours. By learning from our home milling specialists, you can create the whole grain wheat flour that’s rich in protein, thiamine, niacin, minerals and dietary fibre.

Efficient Commercial Milling Machines

The milling process by which flour is made separates the wheat endosperms from the bran layers. Commercial mills must remove the wheat germ from their flour because the highly nutritious oil, like any fresh food, has a limited shelf life and is therefore not compatible with modern supermarket and warehousing needs.

28 of the 30 known minerals, vitamins and trace elements found in a single grain of wheat are typically lost in the commercial milling process to produce white flour with an unlimited shelf life.

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