Exceptional Milling Equipment Crafted in Victoria

Here at Australian Retsel Distributors in Warburton, VIC, we are proud to be the only company in the country that services home milling equipment. Managing Director Ted Burton helped build our mills, so he knows all about repairing and replacing parts. With 40 years of experience in handling the mills, Ted and his team have a plethora of advice, tips, knowledge and abilities to share with milling customers.

Advantages of Using Our Mills

Mills from Australian Retsel Distributors are useful for a number of reasons, including:

  • Hand grinders are more versatile when motorised
  • Functional for multiple seeds, nuts and grains
  • Ability to grind fine to a coarse consistency
  • Can be used with an electric drill or an electric motor using a suitable motor and pulley kit
  • Can be used either by bicycle sprocket or hand
  • The plates are interchangeable between burrs and stones
  • No need for any lubricants to be used on shafts or bearings
New survival Ark products

The New Survival Ark Grain Mill

The New Survival Ark has stones and burrs so only one mill is required. This mill allows us to stock our pantry with more chemical-free and highly nutritious wholefoods. Soybeans have also become an important part of our store of provisions in case of an emergency. By grinding them we can make soymilk and butter. Plus, treats made from freshly ground whole nuts are now a favourite delicacy for all five of us.

Wondermill Junior Deluxe

The Wondermill Junior Deluxe makes milling easy with motorised brass bearings to prevent excessive wear of the shaft against the mill body.

Made from die-cast polished aluminium, this mill is free of cheap plastic parts, loose springs or other attachments that could be lost during use or disassembly. This unit can be easily switched from using stones to stainless steel burrs by removing the front knob.

What’s even better is it produces one to two cups of homemade flour per minute, with finer flour made during the first run through.

For more information, visit  Wondermill

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