Nutritious Seeds, Nuts and Grains To Mill at Home

Australian Retsel Distributors in Victoria is on a mission to provide more people with the exceptional health benefits of chemical-free, all-natural seeds, nuts and grains. Quality home milling equipment is your first step in enjoying better nutrition and a healthier way of life for your family.

A Rich History

The history of seeds, nuts and grains dates back to early civilizations. Primitive man lived on seeds and nuts that were raw and unrefined. When the art of cultivation was acquired, grains became the staple food all over the world.

It was rice in Asia; oats in Scotland; rye and buckwheat in Russia and East Europe; millet and sesame seeds in the Middle East; corn in Mexico and Central America; and wheat in Europe and North America. From there we’ve advanced to milling seeds, grains and nuts on a commercial scale.

The positive of using a steel roller is that there’s a greater variety of uses for wheat products, however the negative is that the heat generated by the metal rollers destroys sensitive nutritional elements, and the bread generally no longer contains the whole grain in its perfectly balanced proportions.

Amazing Health Benefits

There are many health advantages of seeds, nuts and grains to consider, thanks to their extremely high nutritional value. They are a gold mine of minerals and contain most of the vitamins we require to function, particularly A, B and E. They are nature’s best source of unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, plus an excellent source of protein. Whole, fresh and unrefined seeds, nuts and grains contain all these substances, however, they’re largely destroyed in processing and refining. That’s why freshly milled alternatives at home are better than their commercial counterparts.

Chemical-Free Grain and Seed Milling

In the production of commercial flour, chemicals are sprayed on the ground and crops to prevent weed growth, fungus and insect attacks.

Chemicals are also added into the storage systems to prevent further insect infestations, while preservatives are used to extend shelf life and bleaches to make white food writer. The list goes on and on and on, but what remains is the fact that you’re unintentionally eating an increasing amount of chemicals during your daily meals.

Freshly ground homemade flour that’s been sourced from an organic wheat farm is one of the ways you can get all essential nutrients and vitamins needed to live a healthy and energetic life.

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